• “You would be surprised
    at how many people go into
    interviews under-prepared.”

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Media Training
  • You would be surprised at how many people go into interviews under-prepared. You may also be surprised at how much information people will tell a journalist thinking that because they have formed a bond during the interview that they are now a trusted ally.

    Louis White

  • Wrong.

    Journalists are simply out to get a story – I should know I am one. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional relationship with a journalist, but that is the key – ensure it is professional.

    It is important before any interview – whether it is appearing in print (newspaper, magazine or online), radio or TV – that you are prepared with one or two key messages.

    You also need to be fully briefed on what the journalist wants to get out of the interview. Your agenda may be very different to what they are seeking.

    Physical appearance is another matter too. Many people don’t bother to check hair, clothes, teeth or the way they sit, which can immediately give off the wrong signal.

    I can help with every aspect of fronting the media.

    I offer half-day media training that includes written notes to take with you, video filming and immediate playback to see what you did right and wrong and practical tips that you will always remember.